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Which card gives the best price, and what can be bought with it?

The GTA V Megalodon Shark Card PC is your shortcut to big money, allowing you to deposit a large sum of GTA $ into your Maze Bank account without having to put in the effort to earn it first. It's certainly a sensible approach if you're a busy player, but is it worth the investment? If you're not familiar, Shark Cards are the game's premium currency, which you buy with your real funds and then transfer to your in-game bank account to get lots of GTA $ money to spend. After the many updates rolled out to GTA Online since its launch in 2013, the number of available properties, weapons and vehicles (along with their cost) has increased significantly, but the value of each GTA Online shark card has not changed with the prices.

In this article, let's take a look at two different GTA Online Shark cards you can buy, how much they cost, and what you can buy in the game with your money.

Megalodon Shark - $8 million

The Megalodon Shark Card for $8 million GTA easily offers the best value for your money, although that's not entirely true. There are a number of vehicles in the game that each cost over $4 million, such as the Scramjet supercar ($4.6 million), Deluxo flying car ($4.7 million), Swift Deluxe helicopter ($5.2 million) and P-996 Lazer fighter ($6.5 million), so if you want two of them, you won't get both. There are even items worth more than the $8 million you get from this card, such as the Luxor Deluxe aircraft ($10 million). You're seriously mistaken if you think that pulling the trigger on this microtransaction is more than the cost of a new game will allow you to buy everything you want.

Whale Shark - $3,500,000

You'll save only a few dollars by choosing the Whale Shark card instead of the three Great White Shark cards, and you can buy a decent number of vehicles or fewer properties, but at this point they start to drop. It's going to become a serious purchase. Since it came out almost 7 years ago, the base game of GTA 5 costs less to buy brand new than this add-on on the money card.