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Want to look like a queen? Looked in the mirror, and from there you look at the slave of Isura?

I am remembered from folk fairy tales: "You are the queen of all Mile, all the rosy and whiter ... Belolitz, Chernobrova, Mroju Maja ...

And what is your complexion?

The features of the face are beautiful, but these freckles ... Pigmentation? The remains of the former tan? Or tan - fresh, but such uneven?

At the meeting, people pay attention to the face. The condition of the skin of the face speaks of many things.

White, ruddy skin is not just beauty. This suggests that the woman's body is healthy and well-groomed. On such a woman with a pleasant color of the skin, first of all pay attention to both men.

Therefore, it is not surprising that many women resort to the procedure - elevation of the skin of the face.

In ancient times, that the face was white white, noble ladies - beauty of that time, superimposed a thick layer of powder, makeup, emphasizing the advantages and hiding skin flaws.

Now there are a lot of manufacturers from an inexpensive price line - to elite cosmetics: elevating and masking. Not every woman can buy them. But not every woman burns the desire to acquire them. Because the chemistry of creams is chemistry.

Therefore, women are looking for a response, how to use the skin of the face, prefer sparing tools, from natural ingredients, the composition is simple, long ago is known and tested.

How to use the skin of the face by folk remedies

Milk, cottage cheese, lemon juice and hydrogen peroxide have electorating properties.

Mask cottage cheese

It takes only 15 minutes, and the effect will not only elevate, but also nutritious.

Take about 50 g of cottage cheese, one yolk, 5 drops of hydrogen peroxide and one small spoon of honey. We mix and apply on the skin of the face and neck for a quarter of an hour.

Mask with milk

We take 50 ml of acidic milk, add chopped oatmeal, is applied for 15 minutes.

Mask Milk with Blue Clay

200-250 ml of fresh milk heat to a temperature of 36 ° C, add 2 tsp. Cognac, 1h.l. Lemon juice. Imprease clean fabric napkins with this mixture and impose them on face and neck except the area under the eyes. Strictly 15 minutes.

Lemon mask

Lemon juice - a very intensive elevation tool, use not only for the skin of the face, but also for body skin. Well apply this mask in the morning 20 minutes before washing. For this you need only 6 drops of lemon juice and 60 g of natural honey. Suitable for fat and normal skin.

Mask Lemon with cream

Fresh cream is pretty thick - 1 tbsp. Mixed with 30 g of honey and 3-4 drops of lemon juice. Perfect for elevation of dry skin skin.

So, you learned how to use the skin of the face alone. Maybe you decide to refer to cosmetologists. This is a personal choice.

The main thing is to remember - before selecting it is necessary to check the response of your skin's skin on the impact of funds that are planned to be used, and after bleaching - a mask is needed, do not be lazy to use it. Test on a small imperceptible piece of person, the benefits were maximum, and skin irritants are recognized on time. If you don't have the opportunity to earn money on a daily basis, I can say that now is the best time for online sphere, where you don't need to have an university degree, you just can enter on this site and start playing games, gambling games that will bring you not just joy but even a good amount of money, just here you can achieve good results