Producent Odzieży Roboczej

Hurtownia BHP

This picture is a big parody of all the most famous horror films. The authors decided to show familiar staff, but to do it all with a fair share of humor. The main heroine is a young and eccentric Sidney girl. Once a phone call in her house. It is suitable for the phone, but only a breathance and some kind of irregularity are heard in the tube. Sidney threw the phone, but the phone called again. And this time, on the other side, the squeaky voice of the Manyak-killer, acquainted with everyone in the picture "Creek". The man promised to kill Sydney and all her friends. But that, instead of frightening, began to pray in every way and insult the killer. <br />
And at the other end of the city, a group of teenagers drank in a car and went to the desert streets. And naturally, they did not notice how the person was shot down. And although that the result was alive, our heroes decided first to finish her poor fellow, and even then bury. And take an oath from each other that no one will remember this story in the future. But in a year someone will start to lay the notes to them, in which it will be indicated that someone knows the truth. And adolescents who committed a crime will soon wait for the legitimate car. <br /> best forex brokers in nigeria