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Whatever the size of the state, and no matter how profitable its geographical location is, not a single country in the world can fully provide itself to all the necessary goods, and the import of the necessary products is required. In addition, any state produces and exports certain products of its own production, economic relations in the world are consistent of this. It is logical that the organization of the debugged mechanisms for the import and export of goods require international cargo transportation. It is worth noting that international cargo transportation is associated with a number of important nuances:- the route of organized transportation. With the exception of cases of cooperation between countries, goods are required to be delivered not easy to remote states, but also to other continents. At the same time, as a rule, goods are transported according to the principle of transit through several countries until the final point is reached.- the choice of the type of transportation. Today, it is possible to transport goods on an international scale in many ways: aviation, road, sea or railway transport. At the same time, transportation can be either one-shaped or multimodal, that is, mixed.- insurance and processing of cargo. Cargo insurance is necessary for guarantees for its damage, loss or death, in addition, it is important to correctly pack the cargo to exclude its damage during prolonged transportation.- Often an order of additional services is required, for example, carrying out loading and unloading, preparation of special permits and much Another. It is possible to note that the specifics of international cargo transportation implies compliance with the legislation not only of the state from which the cargo sets off, but also all the countries through which it will have to drive if it is road and railway transportation. And in the case of aviation and marine transportation, all international rules and norms are required, as well as the presence of strict permits. It is necessary to understand that a number of world states have a completely loyal customs regime, while others are able to greatly complicate the work of logistics and forwarder of the transported cargo. And only an appeal to a trusted company with extensive experience and experience will provide you with an operational solution to various difficult situations. Standardowe układy w pokerze to zestawy pięciu wskazanych kart. Na przykład, poker królewski – royal flush – to as, król, dama, walet i dziesiątka w jednym kolorze. Poker to z kolei zestaw jakichkolwiek innych pięciu kolejnych kart, również w tym samym kolorz .Kareta to cztery karty tej samej wartości (np. cztery asy). Full to trzy karty jednej wartości oraz dwie karty innej wartości (np. dwie trójki). Kolor natomiast to zestaw dowolnych pięciu kart w tym samym kolorze, ich wartość nie ma znaczenia.