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Stalin paid special attention to returning to the homeland of Soviet prisoners of war captured by Germany. The fate of Russians in captivity was tragic. The Germans brutally turned to them, they were starving, they were forced to perform heavy physical work, they killed them. For this reason, just wanting to survive, many of them decided to join the joint units fighting together with the Germans against the Soviets. The soldiers of Roa and Ron (the Russian Liberation Army) under the command of Andrei Vlasov were recruited from these people.
Cossacks folded arms against the British
Stalin intended to punish them not only for the struggle against Soviet Russia, but also for the fact that they generally grabbed. According to his order, tens of thousands of Soviet soldiers, "liberated" from the prisoners of war camps were sent to labor camps in the framework of "rehabilitation" for the next few years, where they had to redeem their guilt. Soldiers from the Soviet territories, who decided to fight against the USSR, were confronted with even the worst destiny. Usually after the capture, they were not even sent to the camps, but immediately shot. In exceptional cases, they appeared before the court, and therefore, for example, Andrei Vlasov was convicted and heated "only" in August 1946.
Stalin knew that thousands of USSR citizens displaced to the West as a result of hostilities would not want to return to the "Mother Rosiya" after the war. That is why in Yalta he guaranteed his "return".
Operation "Kilhaul"
In historiography, the events related to the implementation of the assumptions about the secret agreement with Yalta are called the Kilhaul Operation or dragging under the keel. For hundreds of years, the delay was one of the most brutal forms of punishment for sailors on the ship. The victim was tied with ropes for hands and legs and tightened under the bottom and keel of a sailing vessel. Such a punishment was rarely survived, but there were those who miraculously survived this torture, but he left half burned with skin stains, cut off from the body. The operation under the code name of the delivery of Soviet citizens chosen by the British was, unfortunately, very successful ...
The real course of the Yalta operation "Kilhaul" was secret until the 1970s, when, thanks to the work of several British and Cossack historians, he was discovered. As in the case of the Katynskaya, the countries who won in World War II knew exactly what happened, but, in their common interests, held a matter secret. The tongue behind the teeth was kept by the British and Americans, as well as, oddly enough, tips. Maybe because they knew the exact destiny of tens of thousands of Cossacks, who were given by the British?
How did the Cossacks deserve such punishment? Basically due to the lack of humility. They fought for centuries with Russia and did not succumb to the domination of Moscow. Also after the birth of the Soviet state, they resist him for a long time. Soviet special services inhabited the districts of the Cossacks and were not fully controlled, and the Cossacks still lived on them, cultivating their traditions and not recognizing the sovereignty of the Kremlin. polskie kasyna internetowe