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Hurtownia BHP


The game, as it should be Call of Duty, begins with several films that are called upon to acquaint us with the game and feel the plot. Our hero in the game is some Mitchell. Together with the US Marine Corps division, it is located in South Korea, which should reflect the attacks of North Korea. Mitchell - Will's best friend.

The first mission is to introduce a player with the game and the main mechanisms. Therefore, most of this mission is devoted to simple shootings and demonstrate the possibilities of the exoskeleton.

Establing kormaka

After the briefing, you will find yourself on the plane with your companions. After you get a blow and the door will open, you will have to pull the lever. At the right moment, a large text will appear in the center of the screen, so do not worry that you do not know when a suitable moment comes. To pull for this lever, you need to press the action button as quickly as possible.


Then you have to let go. Again, a large text will appear at the right moment in the center of the screen. Then use the fire button to unbutton one side of the belt, and then the aims button to unbuck another.

Luca balancing

Then you have to open the hatch. Here, the inscription will also appear on the screen, which will not let you miss this moment. This time, use the key that is responsible for the hand-to-hand combat.

First battle

Now you finally jumped. Follow your comrades to the building. When they stop and begin to shout "contact", it means that the enemy is standing around the corner and your task is to eliminate it. To do this, click the ait button, then jump out from behind the wall and start shooting. If you are running around the cartridges, hide behind the wall, recharge the weapon and jump out again. Repeat it until you destroy all opponents.

Jump without parachute

Having achieved the next point, you will have to jump from a high height. In today's world, no one would have survived, but the action of the game happens in the future. Before the jump, activate the help with a landing using the button that will appear in the prompt. Then just jump down. When you are about 25 meters above the ground, press the Actions button several times to perform a soft landing.

Collision with opponents

After that, you must follow your comrades on the open area. Run behind them, but do not shoot, there are your allies. Only when you get to the place, you will have to deal with the enemies. Try to kill some of them. Aim and fir the queues of 5 pieces. Then your weapon will be much more accurate. Super cat casino to stosunkowo młoda strona z Grami, uruchomiona w kasynie online w 2018 roku. Usługa licencjonowana: Curacao 5536 / JAZ. To tutaj gracze mogą zapoznać się z warunkami projektu: jakie bonusy są oferowane początkującym i doświadczonym graczom, jak aktywować kuszącą ofertę; co jest na stronie gry i jak uzupełnić depozyt i wypłacić pieniądze z projektu. Wszechstronna i bezstronna recenzja będzie dla Ciebie przydatna, przeczytaj.